Building Design Guidelines &

Envelope Plan


Any and all interpretation of this document is at the developers discretion.

The Encumbrance consists of the following legally binding documents:

  • Memorandum of Encumbrance (which will be registered on your Certificate of Title at settlement - preparation and lodgement of this document is at the purchasers cost)

  • Building Design Guidelines

  • Any 'Special Requirements' which relate to individual allotments

  • Building Envelope Plan


Approval from the Developer is additional to all and not in lieu of any State or Local Government requirements.

the Purchaser must make their own enquiries with Local Government, relating to building on the land.

An application which seeks approval for something which is not strictly within these requirements may be considered on its merits.


The Envelope Plan is a guide only.  Homes and Structures on allotments should be setback in accordance with Councils Development Plan Requirements.  


There is to be no vehicle access to any reserve area other than Council Vehicles.

Other vehicles access points will be determined by the Developer at the time of Civil design and will generally be in accordance with the  Building Envelope Plan.


Fencing to the side and rear boundaries shall be colorbond good neighbour type fencing or post and rail type fencing (with the post and rails on tehe inside away from public view), with the fencing in the colorbond colour of "Grey Ridge'.

Other forms of roadside fencing for corner allotments may be approved on merit by the developer.  For example, brick walling, rendered walling or panelling or painted timber slat/picket etc.

Any fencing forward of the building line must be either open tubular or picket type fencing and open in nature (see through) and to a maximum height of 1.5m.


Purchasers are to establish the front yard with landscaping along with the road verge areas including corner allotment verges, within the first 6 months of construction of the home and maintain them to a standard acceptable to be the developer.  Please note landscaping includes plantings and not just paving or concrete.

The developer encourages purchasers to establish plants within the verge areas in accordance with Council standards.

The proposed reserve will also serve as a stormwater detention area and may contain elements such as reed beds, rockwork, grassed play space and footpaths and pipes.


All external structures forward or visible from the street or park (eg. shade sails, pergolas etc) should be integrated with the main dwelling in terms of colours and materials.

Homes shall be built with a mix of building materials, subject to the Developers Approval.  A minimum of two composite materials should be used on front facades eg. brick and render/panelling/timber slats/stone/tiling etc.

No temporary dwellings such as transportable buildings, sheds, caravans etc shall be parked on allotments or roadways.  Any form of dwelling or structure built on the site requires the approval of the Developers prior to construction.


All homes require developer approval prior to Council submission.  Applications should be sent to: Land and Property, Suite 4, 300 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton  SA  5063.

Footpaths throughout the development may be concrete, concrete paving or similar materials, to be selected by the developer subject to Council consent.

The street trees will be installed by Council after construction of the subdivision at their discretion.

Clotheslines, air conditioners, satellite dishes and other ancillary structures should be located away from the primary street address and out of public view where possible.

Any fencing, entry statements, street trees or other infrastructure erected or installed by the developer or Council must not be removed or altered and must be maintained by the allotment owner.

Vehicle parking, line marking, street furniture and street infrastructure within the roadway will be determined by Council.

Homes are to be designed with 2500 litre rainwater detention tanks in accordance with Council requirements.

Onkaparinga Rise Building Design Guideli

Submit your House Plans for approval to:

Land and Property SA

Suite 4, 300 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton  SA  5063